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Online Supplement Refill

Option 1: we now offer quick pickup-and-go hours throughout the week for your convenience (please email your supplement requests to info@rayclinic.ca by 12noon the day before the pickup-and-go day so we can let you know if what you need is in stock for you)

Wednesdays  10am-12noon

Fridays           10am-12noon

Saturdays       10am-12noon

Option 2: we have implemented an online supplement refill and shipping service for you and your family at this time (naturalpharmacyonline.ca) for your convenience.  You may refill the exact product that you need or an equivalent.  Please email us if you need one of the naturopathic doctors to recommend an equivalent for you.

Please visit naturalpharmacyonline.ca to access our online refill service:

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