Ray Clinic

The Full Spectrum of Health

Ray Clinic: The Full Spectrum of Health

Ray Clinic is founded by Dr. Danny Jui and Dr. Charlene Chan, a husband and wife team who met during their studies at naturopathic school in Toronto. Their vision of creating a clinic which facilitates and inspires true integrative health care in our community served as the impetus of Ray Clinic’s formation.

During the design and construction phase, much consideration was given to building a healthy space for patients and the environment. Natural insulation and non-toxic YoLo paint were used to ensure comfort and safety. Inspired by the minimalist design, Ray Clinic provides both efficiency for the environment and comfort for all who visit. The entire clinic is also universally accessible for people using wheelchairs and other assistive devices.

Ray Clinic is designed for you and your family in mind. It is a place where you’ll continue to learn, grow, and get well in a supportive and welcoming environment. Ray Clinic is deeply shaped by the Planetree philosophy of Person-Centered Care, a transformative model of healthcare that Dr. Jui witnessed during his residency at Griffin Hospital in Connecticut, the international headquarters of Planetree.

In addition to a healing environment, there’s of course the people. Naturopathic Medicine is as much a science as it is a form of art. The appropriate scientific application of evidence-informed and time-honoured interventions can only be effectively delivered with the humanistic values of Integrity, Compassion, and Service. Ray Clinic attracts only the best trained clinicians who share these values to serve you and the community.

By delivering clinical excellence in patient-centered care, fostering personal and professional development through life-long learning, and facilitating collaborative and integrative health care with other healthcare professionals, Ray Clinic strives to actualize the full spectrum of health in all of us – clinicians and patients alike.

We look forward to working with you towards health and wellness! If you would like to learn more about Ray Clinic or schedule an appointment, please call 604.461.7900 or email us at info@rayclinic.ca.